We are

Collection Agency

your worldwide revenues

What we do

We assume the collection of worldwide revenues from the exploitation of films, series and other audiovisual works


We are independent
i.e. not affiliated to other companies, banks, institutions etc.

We are neutral
i.e. equally committed to all our clients

We are experts
as our managing directors are experienced lawyers and consultants in the international media business


in separate escrow accounts


We keep a separate escrow account for each production
i.e. any cross-accounting of your funds is excluded,
no third party access to your funds in case of insolvency of others


We render accounting statements and pay out revenues
to sales agents, producers, co-producers, investors, public funding institutions, banks, writers, directors, actors and others entitled to revenues


We render statements easy to understand and fully reflecting your recoupment schedule

We pay out reliably, regularly and on time

We work clearly and traceably
i.e. we depict in detail and comprehensively all incoming and outgoing payments on the collection account

And also confidentially
our clients have full control over their data and decide with whom they want to share them. All data and information are subject to strict German rules for collection and data protection


at reasonable fees


Our fees generally consist of a one-time upfront fee and a reasonable percentage of collected receipts. Talk to us about it in your individual case.


Whom we work for


  • A.Film
  • Action Image
  • Amazing Maurice Productions
  • Ambient Entertainment
  • Amour Fou Luxembourg
  • Amour Fou Vienna
  • Animaker
  • animationCompany
  • Animationsfabrik
  • ARRI Worldsales
  • ARTE France Cinéma
  • Artemis Productions
  • BAC Films Distribution
  • BAC Films Production
  • Balance Film
  • Beta Cinema
  • Belvision
  • BILY Media
  • blue eyes Fiction
  • BosBros
  • Caoz
  • Celluloid Dreams
  • CNC
  • Chocolate Liberation Front
  • Ciné Cri de Coeur
  • Cinemendo
  • Cinephil
  • Cofiloisirs
  • Coop99
  • Dargaud Media
  • Degeto
  • DEMA Creative Productions
  • Den siste skilling
  • Deutsche Columbia Pictures
  • Doghouse Films
  • Dor Film
  • Dreamtool Entertainment
  • DRIFE Filmproduktion
  • EchoFilm
  • Embargo Films
  • ERF Edgar Reitz Filmproduktion
  • Erfttal Film & Fernsehproduktion
  • EFB European Filmbonds
  • Ella Filmproduktion
  • Europool
  • Eurowide Film Production
  • Fabrique d´Images
  • Facing East Entertainment
  • Film & Entertainment V.I.P. Medienfonds
  • FilmFernsehFonds Bayern
  • FFA
  • Film AG Productions
  • Filmfonds Wien
  • Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
  • FFI Film Finance Inc
  • Filmgalerie 451
  • Final Cut For Real
  • France 3 Cinema
  • FreibeuterFilm
  • Gao Shan
  • Geißendörfer Pictures
  • Giganten Film Productions
  • Global Screen
  • Gloria
  • Great Point Media
  • Hahn Film
  • HanWay Films
  • ILB Brandenburg
  • Indie Sales Company
  • Kazak Productions
  • KeyFilm
  • Knudsen & Streuber Medienmanufaktur
  • Komplizen Film
  • Leonine Distribution
  • Les Films d´Arlequin
  • Les Films d´Ici
  • Les Films du Losange
  • Lorival
  • Lotus-Film
  • Lucky Bird Pictures
  • Maria Film
  • Maur Film
  • Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
  • MFG Medien und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg
  • Mediefondet Zefyr
  • Melusine Productions
  • Mercure International
  • Mer Film
  • Missing Link Films
  • Moetion Films
  • movieCompany
  • Neue Road Movies
  • Newgrange Pictures
  • nordmedia
  • Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion
  • Optical Art
  • Opus Film
  • ORF
  • Österreichisches Filminstitut
  • Palatine Etoile 16
  • Picture Tree International PTI
  • Poisson Rouge Pictures
  • Polaris-Film
  • Port-Au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion
  • Production Center A.S. Konchalovsky
  • Radical Media
  • Rialto Film
  • Saga Film
  • Sallie Gardner and Domm
  • Schiwago Film
  • Scopas Medien
  • Screen Ireland / Irish Film Board
  • Senator Film München
  • SERU Animation
  • SKY UK
  • SKYLINE Entertainment
  • Société Parisienne de Production
  • Source Investment
  • Starhaus Film
  • Steinweg Emotion Pictures
  • Studio Canal Film
  • Studio Rakete
  • Tanztheater Wuppertal
  • Tatfilm
  • Telepool
  • The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
  • The Match Factory
  • Tidal Films
  • Toonz Entertainment
  • TransWaal Film
  • Trickstudio Lutterbeck
  • Trixter Productions
  • TT Productions
  • Ulrich Seidl Film
  • Ulysses Filmproduktion
  • Universal Pictures Productions
  • Universum Film
  • VEGA Film
  • Velvet Films
  • Walking the Dog
  • Western Development Commission
  • WI Bank Hessen
  • Worst Case Entertainment
  • WunderWerk
  • XBO Films
  • Yeti Films
  • Zurbano Media
  • 2010 Entertainment

our managing directors

Dr. Stefan Rüll
Managing director

active in the film and TV-industry since many years, first as Managing Director and General Counsel of the POLYPHON TV Group in Hamburg as well as at the SENATOR Group in Munich and Berlin, since 1996 owner of RÜLL LAW OFFICE in Berlin specializing in international media productions. State-registered collection agent.

Volker Otte
Managing director

Volker Otte, born 1962 in Hamburg. First and second state law examination in 1990 and 1993 respectively. Afterwards Senior Civil Servant of the City of Berlin, ultimately in the Chancellery of the Berlin Senate with the governing mayor. From 1995 to 1998 head of the legal department of the German Federal Film Board (FFA), then proxy holder and founder of the film funding department at Road Movies Filmproduktion. Since 2002 lawyer in Berlin specializing in public film funding. State-registered collection agent.


OnTrust Inkasso- und Abrechnungsgesellschaft mbH
Fuggerstr. 22
D-10777 Berlin

T +49-30-2362 6784